Class III

Class III

Cedar Hill Arms is pleased to be working with Silencer Shop to provide easy Class III transfers. Visit their site today to see the largest selection of Silencers and Accessories in the Nation.

At the Silencer Shop, they have worked hard to simplify the buying & registration process. And now they have taken that process to the next level with their Powered By Silencer Shop program!

Silencer Shop submits more Form 4's to the ATF than anybody else in the country; and, as a result, they have learned what works - as well as what doesn't. They are able to keep their Form 4 error rate to an absolute minimum by running an automated validation on the registration information, and then following that up with a manual review by some of the most experienced NFA experts in the country.

And that's before your paperwork even gets printed!

With their new Powered By Silencer Shop (PBSS ) program, we've built a dedicated national network of dealers; so, if you live in an area where silencers are legal, you'll probably have a PBSS dealer within just a few miles of your home.

When you purchase a suppressor from, you can rest assured:
  • You're getting the best price from our competitive marketplace.
  • You don't have to worry about the hassle of setting up a transfer with a local dealer - and there are NO TRANSFER FEES.

Choosing Cedar Hill Arms for the buy, the Silencer Shop NFA experts will handle the entire NFA submission for you - so you can rest easy knowing your Form 4 paperwork is being submitted quickly and correctly.

The Silencer Shop keeps you updated as the transfer status changes; providing information like the serial number of each suppressor, submission dates, shipping dates, and the date the ATF cashes your tax stamp check.

You'll get your approval quickly, no matter where you live the greater Austin area - and you can pick up the suppressor at Cedar Hill Arms located in Cedar Park, Texas. (Be sure to look at their current approval times to see what's coming back approved.)

The Silencer Shop backs up every PBSS transfer with a satisfaction guarantee - so you can be assured that your purchase is also "Guaranteed By Silencer Shop"!

In short, by combining thier NFA expertise with Cedar Hill Arms, you'll know your next PBSS order from will be processed quickly & correctly!

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