Fusion® technology allowed us to drastically change the way deer ammunition was seen. Before Fusion, there was a big gap in performance between the economically and Premium® loads available to deer hunters. The need to come up with a bullet that is affordable, but can be counted on without fail was met by Fusion. No other bullet in its class is as tough, accurate or lethal.

Federal Fusion Ammunition is loaded with a specialized bullet, perfect for deer sized game, that features an electrochemically bonded lead core to copper jacket, eliminating the possibility of a core/jacket separation. The boat tail rifle bullets feature a slight dimple in the nose that delivers exceptional accuracy and devastating terminal performance which delivers an impact that radiates lethal shock throughout the target. This energy is optimized through mass weight retention, a top-secret tip-skiving process and superior bullet integrity. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

Technical Information
  • Caliber: 30-06 Springfield
  • Bullet Weight: 180 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Spitzer Boat Tail
  • Case Type: Brass

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Federal Fusion Ammunition 30-06 Springfield 165 Grain SBT

  • Brand: Federal
  • Product Code: FEDFUS3006165
  • Availability: 5
  • $23.67

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